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Thread: Wow, HBO is really hitting it out of the park lately!

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    Default Wow, HBO is really hitting it out of the park lately!

    Big Little Lies is a verifiable hit. There's an upcoming movie about Henrietta Lacks (if you don't know who this is, please wiki her and prepare to be amazed and outraged all at the same time ... starring Oprah Winfrey next month. There's also a movie about Bernie Madoff starring Robert DeNiro coming up next month. I'm interested in both subjects and love both leads. It used to be so taboo for movie stars to be on TV, now it's becoming the norm.
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    I love Big Little Lies so much, I binged watched 5 episodes last night...Kinda wish l had of waited another 2 weeks so l could have watched all 7 in one go. (The waiting game sucks for weekly episodes)
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    Oprah annoys me, but I was willing to watch it anyway, just because the trailers looked so good.

    I'm also looking forward to the Bernie Madoff one, too.

    I sometimes wish I had binge watched Big Little Lies, too, because you really get drawn into that world. I may re-watch it after it's over.
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