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    Default I am Jazz

    I am really liking this show. She is such a wonderful human being.
    I think about my stupid problems sometimes and then i think of what she goes through on a daily basis and i feel so lame.
    Her parents are wonderful .
    Her mom was going to pounce on one boy who walked by and called her tranny freak.
    I was shocked.
    Fucking people suck sometimes.

    Anyway, not much to say other then i love the show so far.
    Anyone else watching it?

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    Absolutely adorable kid.

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    Had to come and post; I'm watching an episode right now, and Jazz and her mom are sitting at an outdoor cafe. A couple of teenage boys walk by, and one of them says "Hey, Jazz, tranny freak!" What a little dick, that just pissed me off! I hope people recognize who he is (despite the blurred face), and really call out this little shit!

    ETA: just noticed the same incident was mentioned in the first post...
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    This kid is very, very lucky to have been born into such a wonderful, harmonious family. Kudos to the grandparents, parents and siblings and her little girlfriends.
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    Great show and wonderful family. I hope it opens some minds.
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    I'm watching an episode now. She's a great kid with a great heart. Her brothers are very cool and her parents are dream parents. I guess you might say she's an average teen girl who's boy crazy. I was never boy crazy and neither were my friends, I found it insufferable and a waste of good time. So now I'm wondering what will happen with her and boys when they all start dating. Lots of kids don't date in high school and do the group dating thing.

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