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Thread: Alone on the History Channel

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    Default Alone on the History Channel

    Ten men enter the Vancouver Island wilderness carrying only what they can fit in a small backpack. They are alone in harsh, unforgiving terrain with a single mission–stay alive as long as they can. These men must hunt, build shelters and fend off predators. They will endure extreme isolation and psychological distress as they plunge into the unknown and document the experience themselves. No camera crew. No producers. It is the ultimate test of man’s will.

    I started watching this because it's filmed really close to where I grew up. After four days there are already four guys gone. They're from all over (Ontario, Arizona, Idaho), and I don't think they realized just how difficult it is up there. It is so wet, the undergrowth, the ocean, not to mention bears, cougars and wolves. You have to be on top of your game at all times. One moment of not paying attention, and you're screwed.

    I know that there is no way I could survive very long on my own out there. But it's really cool watching the scenery, because it was my home. I love it up there, and can't wait to do some camping and hiking when my daughter is a little older.

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    I may pick it up on demand, it sounds really similar to nbc The Island, which I am watching right now.

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