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    Default Manzo'd With Children

    This season, Caroline Manzo attempts to be the ring leader of her crazy Italian family while suffering from a severe case of full nest syndrome in the process. In an effort to be responsible and save up for a new apartment, Albie and Chris have made their way back to Franklin Lakes, and even though Lauren is now engaged, she still hasnít left chez Manzo. Albie brings his new girlfriend along for the ride and the two encounter more than just a few bumps in the road when trying to win over the rest of the Manzo clan. In addition to planning the wedding of the century, Lauren is also trying to expand her beauty bar business and she refuses to let her brothers cramp her style. Chris just canít seem to stay out of sticky situations, especially when the whole family decides to take a trip to the heart of Texas. When it all gets to be too much for Caroline, sister-in-law Jacqueline Laurita is just around the corner to offer her advice. Meanwhile, husband, Al Sr., has no tolerance for all these shenanigans, as heíd rather focus on his upcoming 30th wedding anniversary to the woman who brings everyone together.

    Manzod with Children Season 1 Cast Info | About this Season

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    UNBELIEVABLE that shows like this exist.

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