Who was it that was asking about when the latest batch of desperate Z listers would be on Big Brother? It's on and the list is everything you'd expect.

Gary Busey (and his performing teefs)
Audley Harrison (boxer)
Claire King (ex Soap actress)
David McIntosh (Kelly Brook's latest fiance)
Dee Kelly (professional braless chav/reality tv)
Edele Lynch (singer of ancient awful girlband B*witched)
Angelique "Frenchy" Morgan (from Rock of Love 2, apparently)
George Gilby (reality tv/observational documentary participant - sits on his parents couch commenting on TV programmes for the show Gogglebox)
Lauren Goodger (Reality tv: The Only Way is Essex - like Jersey Shore but less klassy)
Kellie Maloney (formerly Frank Maloney Boxing Manager and Promoter)
Leslie Jordan (American actor/Playwright)
Ricci Guarnaccio (Reality tv: Geordie Shore)
Stephanie Pratt (an unfortunate reminder of Fleshbeard)