With films like "Malcolm X" and "Get on the Bus," Spike Lee has established himself a provocative explorer of America's racial divide. But as a young director, Spike didn't know jack about shooting a sex scene.
Rosie Perez still shivers when she remembers the "very disturbing" sequence in "Do the Right Thing" in which Spike, playing her boyfriend, rubbed ice cubes all over her body.

"I had just lost my virginity in college," Perez recalls. "I found [the scene] much more exploitative than what I had read [in the script]. Eventually I burst into tears and I said, 'Don't keep filming.'

"It was irresponsible to put me in that position. He was the older person, the captain of the ship."

To Spike's credit, Lee includes Perez's complaints in his new memoir, "That's My Story and I'm Sticking to It."

The book also quotes Lee's sister, Joie, saying her sex scene with Denzel Washington in "Mo' Better Blues" was nothing less than "horrible. [It was] just humiliating, humiliating. I seem to experience that a lot with my brother."

Likewise, Annabella Sciorra has unpleasant memories of her "Jungle Fever" romp with Wesley Snipes.

"I called 'Cut!' because Wesley took off my underwear and I didn't have anything on underneath," says Sciorra. "And to my knowledge that's not what we were doing."

Spike's mind may have been elsewhere. Randy Fletcher, assistant director on "Jungle Fever," recalls one morning when Spike asked him a question: Why hadn't Fletcher told him that Spike's then-girlfriend, Veronica Webb, who was in the film, had "gone to bed with a few people we know"? (Webb wrote in her own 1998 memoir that Spike put "sexual pressure on me," causing her once to swing a Louis XIV lamp at him.)

Spike found no more joy getting into bed - in a business sense - with Miramax honcho Harvey Weinstein. Lee says Weinstein warned that he wouldn't make "Girl 6" unless Spike cast another former Lee flame, Halle Berry. Lee finally landed her, but says he still branded Weinstein a "fat bastard."

Of course, Harvey's trimmer and friendlier now.