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Thread: Chucky Will Return In Seventh 'Child's Play'!

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    Default Chucky Will Return In Seventh 'Child's Play'!

    This past September Universal released Curse of Chucky, the sixth film in the glorious Child’s Play franchise.

    For fans of the film, Curse was a wonderful return to the franchise roots, while also delivering a ton of twists and turns that connected it to the previous five films. But in the end, a lot of you guys appeared to be confused. “What happened to Alice,” everyone keeps asking me, as well as writer-director Don Mancini on Twitter.

    Mancini, who created the Child’s Play franchise, while also writing and directing the previous two installments, took to Twitter to reveal some breaking news: “To the fans who’ve asked questions about Alice and the end of #CurseofChucky: All will be answered in part 7!“

    By no means does this confirm that a seventh Child’s Play is already greenlit by Universal, but it does suggest that Mancini has begun work on the next film’s screenplay, and that it will revolve around Alice (played by Summer H. Howell).

    The Child’s Play series is the only “name” horror brand left that’s still connecting to the roots; it has the same iconic killer and the same people involved. It’s incredibly exciting to watch as it embarks on a seventh film that I hope brings Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) – as a human or doll, I don’t care – back into the fold as a regular.

    Read more at ONTD: Oh No They Didn't! - Chucky Will Return In Seventh 'Child's Play'!

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    Why not? The last one was the best one in a long while.
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