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Thread: Sleepy Hollow

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    Default Sleepy Hollow

    Has anyone seen this show? It just debuted on Monday, September 16th.

    I thought it was a lot of fun, sure the whole idea is ridiculous but it's really enjoyable too. I like that it combines action and horror but with a good dose of humor. I like the two leads, even though they "come from two different worlds" they're both smart and work well together. I hope the series lives up to the pilot episode.

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    I saw the previews the other night. I don't know yet....
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    ^^ I really liked the pilot episode but I have some questions as to whether it can be sustained in series form. Is it just going to be a sort of CSI with supernatural aspects or will it be another Buffy style show as a reviewer suggested. I'm a huge Buffy fan so I hope it leans that way but I'm not sure yet. At least the lead guy is cute. I'm shallow, a good looking guy will keep me coming back for a few episodes!
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