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Thread: Dunst wants to play Jean Seberg

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    Default Dunst wants to play Jean Seberg

    KIRSTEN DUNST has expressed a desire to portray tragic actress JEAN SEBERG in a biopic.

    American actress Seberg became a successful film star in France before dying of a drug overdose at the age of 40 in 1979, and Dunst believes her life story would make a fascinating movie.

    She says, "I've always wanted to play Jean Seberg. She was an actress from the Midwest who moved to France and got to play JOAN OF ARC in the '50s.

    "She's famous for being in the (classic French) movie BREATHLESS."

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    That snaggle toothed ho should be banned from tv all together.
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    "I've always wanted to play her--" When will they stop with
    that scripted horsesh!t?

    Kirsten Dunst doesn't know anything about Jean Seberg,
    has probably never seen her movies and should stop insulting
    her memory by using Seberg's life (and death) to boost
    her own career.

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    Last night, Dunst was on The Tonight Show and she mentioned that one year she dressed up like Seberg for Halloween. WE GET IT!!!!!

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