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Thread: Burning Love-hilarious web series

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    Default Burning Love-hilarious web series

    Web series starring Ben Stiller, Ken Marino, Adam Scott, Kristin Bell, Jennifer Aniston, Ken Jeong.... Each ep is only about 10 minutes and they're awesome!

    It's basically a spoof on Bachelor/Bachelorette shows but you don't have to watch those to appreciate these. I'm always happy to see Ken and Adam. I don't think they've been in anything together since Party Down which is in the brilliant but cancelled category.

    They're only available till July 16 I think....

    Burning Love: Episode 1 - Yahoo!

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    Loved, loved LOVED every episode! Sad that it's over! The cameos were great and Ballerina made my day haha. What is crazy to me is how accurately this spoof portrays the real show. Michael Ian Black (I believe that's the actor) was spot on with his portrayal of the annoying host. If you are in need of a good laugh or something to brighten your day-watch!!
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    I watched and in turn got three friends to watch. They all loved it. I thought it would be too raunchy for my sister, but she actually liked that part (Haley) best! I loved it. Kristen Bell, all the surprise cameos, the twists = awesome.

    There's an episode 14 that they put up today.
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