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Thread: 'Just My Luck' not popular with critics

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    Default 'Just My Luck' not popular with critics

    From a couple critics:
    It doesn't help that "Just My Luck" is an idiotic comedy that uses its high-concept premise (always-gets-what-she-wants chick kisses loser dude and he inherits her extraordinary luck while everything goes wrong for her) not for any kind of reflection or ironic comment on chance ( la Match Point), but only as an excuse for a series of pratfalls. The latter are made particularly unfunny by the fact that they're not even driven by actual bad luck but by the sheer stupidity of the characters (or the screenwriters).
    All of this could be forgiven if Lohan could ever manage to make her character the least bit likable, which she doesn't. An actress who was once so charming in THE PARENT TRAP and in FREAKY FRIDAY, Lohan manages to lose all of her appeal in this film. She speeds through her lines like she doesn't care about them. She just wants to sprint through her dialog so she can get finished and get back to her trailer.
    I knew Lindsay's new movie was'nt going to be good, it's just like Freaky Friday, except without Jamie-Lee Curtis or any real actors in it.

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    Default Re: 'Just my Luck' not popular with critics

    Seriously, I never even knew she had this movie coming out. When did she film it? We've heard SO much about certain projects of hers, and then this one that she probably fit into a like 2 week gap in her schedule.

    ETA: Nevermind, I just checked IMDB. Apparently this started production Jan 2005, finished production April 2005, and is JUST getting released now. Not exactly a studio vote of confidence to be shelved for a year...

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    Default Re: 'Just my Luck' not popular with critics

    What a shocker. Lindsay is in a bad movie. She had so much promise, but she's snorted it away. Wasn't this the one that she filmed in New Orleans and was out partying at Tulane hot spots every night?

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    you already know.

    Default Re: 'Just my Luck' not popular with critics

    yeah ^ why am I not suprised!

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    Default Re: 'Just My Luck' not popular with critics

    BEAUTY!! I love it!!

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