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    So did anyone else see the pilot? I was really impressed when I watched it, and it left me intrigued about future development of the show. I really love Jason Isaacs in this. He really is able to carry the show to perfection. This show has me hooked, and I hope it is more successful than its precedessors like The Playboy Club.

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    I did. Quite liked it so far.
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    I watched the pilot back in may for one of those marketing things, I wonder if they changed things, it was a cool idea, good characters, but something about t was Bleh. I forgot to watch it last night.

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    I tried to stay up for this, but my granny-ass couldn't do it. I'm disappointed in myself, it looked like a really interesting premise. The dual realities reminded me of the dual dimensions thing in The Talisman by Stephen King.

    I wonder if it's on hulu? *flounces off to search*

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    I was really looking forward to this show, and it was just okay to me. Nothing really hooked me yet, though. I will give it another shot next week.

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