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Thread: Jennifer Aniston, Dennis Quaid In ‘Switch’ Talks

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    Default Jennifer Aniston, Dennis Quaid In ‘Switch’ Talks

    Jennifer Aniston, Dennis Quaid In ‘Switch’ Talks

    EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Aniston and Dennis Quaid are in talks to join Ty Burrell, John Hawkes and Yasiin Bey in Switch, the adaptation of the Elmore Leonard novel The Switch that will be directed by Dan Schechter. Aniston is in talks to play Mickey Dawson, and Quaid to play her crooked real estate developer husband. She’s kidnapped and ransomed by two ex-cons (Hawkes and Bey) and when the lowlife husband sees this as a way to get rid of his wife and refuses to pay the ransom, the kidnappers embrace a new opportunity: teaming with a pissed off bombshell housewife to get all of her husband’s money.
    The ex-con characters, Louis Gara and Ordell Robbie, are earlier versions of the characters that appeared in Leonard’s Rum Punch, which Quentin Tarantino turned into Jackie Brown. This movie has been described as a prequel, but it is not; Leonard sometimes cross pollinates his books with characters from his past novels. Schechter wrote the script. Gotham Group’s Ellen Goldsmith-Vein and Lee Stollman are producing with Michael Siegel and Leonard. Jim Garavente is executive producer. No deals are done at this point with Aniston and Quaid, but it looks good. Aniston is repped by CAA and Brillstein and Quaid by WME.

    Jennifer Aniston, Dennis Quaid In 'Switch' Talks -

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    The story sounds a bit like Ruthless People. (you know, that film where Bette Midler is abducted and her husband, Danny deVito sees it as a chance to get rid of her?)
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    It does sound like a ripoff of Ruthless People.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yanna View Post
    The story sounds a bit like Ruthless People. (you know, that film where Bette Midler is abducted and her husband, Danny deVito sees it as a chance to get rid of her?)
    Exactly like it. I loved that movie. Great cheesey 80's film.
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    I thought this was going to be a remake of the Ellen Barkin movie. The one where a womanizing guy is murdered by his girlfriend and he's reincarnated as a hot chick. That would have been a liitle better then this Ruthless People ripoff. IMHO

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    didn't she make a movie by this title with Jason Bateman? (the plot was different too, but still...)

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