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Thread: VH1: Eye Candy

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    you already know.

    Talking VH1: Eye Candy

    This show is incredible for people like us; obsessed w/ celebrity video and pics... they even come up w/ funny songs to go along with the paparazzi pics they show...its hilarious and why hasn't someone thought of this before..oh yeah there was that show on E!, but this one's better

    they even have a funny "caption this photo" contest
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    Default Re: VH1: Eye Candy

    ^Never seen it! But I typically love the VH1 shows, so I will definitely give it a whirl. They have some funny shit on that channel.

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    I attempted to watch it, but found it a little boring. Most of the stuff that they show I've either already seen, or didnt really care to see. I mean, the whole segment on celebrities blinking? Really?

    I think the concept for the show is a good one, I just dont think that they executed it very well.

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