Hi groovers,

I like to cruise the Sydney scene to see what is hot, what is not and what is in the pot.

I have been backstage with the Black Eyed Peas, up close and personal with Robbie Williams and Duran Duran and have just started touring the movie backlots to see what is in production.

A big supporter of local talent, I had been folowing the webzines for quite a while to see what happened to Garter and Quail. I saw Simon Roptell and Morgan Dehar perform their two man show in 2005 and thought they were the best thing to come out of this country since the Hills Hoist!

If rap reporter looks for someone. She finds.

I got in touch with Mr Simon Roptell and he invited me to spy in on day two of shooting Garter & Quail. That's right web surfers. The rumors are true. It is now a film.

I rushed in and told him I was a great follower and was not worthy and he touched my face with those red gloves! I then sat round and saw what Garter and Quail had only talked about in their stage show.

Kirsty (Erica Baron) is in traditional theatrical garb and the two artists are directing a painting sit. She is laid down to rest and has pennies placed in her eyes and has a rose placed in her mouth. Cut forward (not dead enough) she is wrapped in plastic, and thrown from a car. Not knowing the context, it still seemed incredibly humorous.

I caught up with Simon who said "The script was written before the routine. A lot of the things Garter and Quail talk about, are now seen for the very first time. We are lucky to have professionals on board that can realise the abstract. And we are lucky to have a girl that is letting us wrap her up in plastic and throw her from a moving vehicle. If all else fails, we can send the footage to "wrap her up in plastic.com" or "throw her from a moving vehicle online"
I meet Morgan who has spent an hour in makeup and he lets me feed him strawberries. Whilst chewing a mouth full of Berries he tells me. "Beg Pardon Productions know how to look after their cast and crew. They have dames feeding you strawberries."

The owner of the mega rich hilltop Collaroy mansion comes out for an inspection. Shakes his head at the madness and goes back to grab his camera. He takes some shots.

By five o clock (they had been shooting since 8, it is a rap). I peek and see a very touching scene between Erica and Morgan. She plays his niece in the film, get Simon and Morg to sign my book and head off.

So, proof that Garter and Quail is now a film. I am tring to secure backstage with P Diddy when he comes down under, so rap reapers....stay tuned.