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Thread: Bill Murray as Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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    Default Bill Murray as Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    It raised a few eyebrows when the casting was first announced, but these first photos of Bill Murray playing President Franklin D. Roosevelt make clear that the "Ghostbusters" star was the perfect choice for the job.
    Murray chomps cigars and charms in the batch of stills from "Hyde Park On Hudson," an upcoming film from Focus Features that recounts the story of the British King and Queen's visit to Roosevelt's vacation home in 1939. The picture will mix political wrangling, with the royalty looking to the US for support in the inevitable war with the Nazis, and domestic drama, giving focus to Roosevelt's alleged affair with his distant cousin and confident, Daisy Suckley.

    The film, in fact, will be told through the eyes of Suckley, who will be played by Laura Linney. Olivia Williams takes on the role of Eleanor Roosevelt, while Samuel West and Olivia Colman will play the King and Queen, respectively.

    Bill Murray As FDR In 'Hyde Park On Hudson' (PHOTOS)

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    Wow! He looks just like him! I wonder who is playing Elenor?

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    i remember when olivia williams was considered hot. now she's playing eleanor roosevelt

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    she's aged a lot in the last few years though. i can't remember what the last thing i saw her in was but i hadn't seen her in a few years and i was kind of shocked at how much older she looked. she's 42 or 43 but i think she looks older than her age. she's got very hooded eyes that have started to kind of droop and her skin looks a bit papery.
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    well i've only seen her before in rushmore where i thought she looked very average but her british accent made her seem sexy

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    Sorry when I look at Bill Murray all I see is Bill Murray, not Roosevelt.
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