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Thread: Top 100 most shocking TV moments

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    Default Top 100 most shocking TV moments

    Did anyone see it?? It was on last night, I just stumbled across it at about 60 and watched it down to about the 20's then fell asleep. I can't even remember what channel it was on but it was disgusting! Well some of it was, most of it was just sex but there was one bit where this man goes round the world eating foods that are considered deliciousness in certain countries, like wale penis and duck foetus!!

    Urgh it was very disturbing!

    It also had things like Sinead O’Connor ripping up the pope picture and old people swinging
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    Default Re: Top 100 most shocking TV moments

    Quote Originally Posted by Tiara
    wale penis and duck foetus!!
    old people swinging
    Well, thank you for bringing this up just before lunch!!!!!
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