Former US Secretary of State MADELEINE ALBRIGHT has put diplomacy to one side to guest star in popular American TV show GILMORE GIRLS.

BILL CLINTON's right-hand woman appeared alongside actress ALEXIS BLEDEL, who plays RORY GILMORE, in a storyline focusing on Rory's continued estrangement with her fictional mother.

The politician admits to being a staunch devotee of the series, and was thrilled to turn up on set for her shoot at the end of last month (SEP05).

Albright says, "I am a big fan of Gilmore Girls and I had a great time. It was an opportunity to do something different for a quick minute, and I learned how hard it is to memorise those lines."

And bosses of the show were thrilled with the stateswoman's performance.

Executive Producer AMY SHERMAN-PALLADINO says, "If you think she seems brilliant and sassy strutting around the Middle East, you should try talking to her in person.

"We are very honoured, very lucky, and so not worthy."

Albright joins the likes of Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist NORMAN MAILER and singer-songwriter CAROLE KING who have also had cameos on the programme.