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    I should have posted this in the "Last Movie you saw" thread, but I'll know better next time, anyways.....


    This movie SUCKED! (I won't give away the ending).

    It's about the zookeeper, played by Kevin James, and he asks his hottie girlfriend to marry him, but she declines cause she thinks she's not good enough for him cause he's only a zookeeper.

    Then he gets advice from animals in the zoo on how he should live his life. Imagine that, animals that can talk. Yah, how many times have I seen that before?! If you're that stupid that you need animals to give you advice on how to live life, then you're pretty stupid, but I guess Kevin James can pull off stupid just as good as anyone. If you saw his tv shows, he plays stupid pretty well.

    Basically, guy trying to get girl back by being juvenile, goofy, and getting advice from animals, but again if your a fan of Kevin or like these types of romantic stories as guy acts silly doing knuckle headed stuff, also being predictable, then this movie might be worth it for you.

    If the trailer didn't get you shaking your head at how stupid and silly this movie is, then maybe my review might.

    (If anyone wants me to tell you what happened that the trailer doesn't show or what happens at the end, ask me and I'll post it with the spoiler alert written at the beginning of course.)
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