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    It was this summer’s most talked about wedding ... and then breakup. Hugh Hefner, the world’s most famous bachelor, and Playmate girlfriend Crystal Harris were all set for their lavish fairy-tale wedding at the Playboy Mansion in L.A. last month. But after months of planning and just days before the high-profile event, Harris made the shocking decision to not marry Hefner. As news of the separation quickly broke around world, questions, speculation and rumors of scandal began to spread. Now, only Lifetime has the intimate look at the events and conversations that led up to the breakup with Hef’s Runaway Bride, a one-hour special including new and exclusive interviews with both Hefner and Harris about the end of their relationship.

    The all-access special Hef’s Runaway Bride will show behind-the scenes footage of Harris during the final weeks of her engagement to Hefner as they approached their highly anticipated nuptials. But as the pre-wedding events begin to spiral out-of-control for Harris, tension between the couple builds. Never-before-seen footage of Hefner and Harris on a promotional trip to London to open the all-new Playboy Club shows when Harris discovers a newfound passion for the music industry and starts to question her engagement to Hefner. Does she really want to be Hefner’s number one girl, at the beck and call of the world’s first playboy? Or does she want to pursue an entertainment career of her own? The special also captures when Hefner reveals Harris’ stunning Playboy cover weeks before the wedding. But when she sees the name “Crystal Hefner” for the first time, he jokes, in a prescient moment, that there is no backing out now. The chaos and questions continue to mount as Harris makes pressured decisions on her final preparations for the wedding gown, floral arrangements and cake for the garden party reception that would never be.

    More telling than anything, Hef’s Runaway Bride includes personal and heartbreaking interviews with both Hefner and Harris as they take an emotional look back at the events leading up to their final moments together before she disappeared into the night just days before the wedding. The cameras are also there as Hefner deals with the news and is immediately surrounded by family and friends, including Holly Madison, Kendra Wilkinson, Hefner’s sons Marston and Cooper, and Crystal’s best friend and Maid of Honor, Anna Berglund, who each talk from the heart about their feelings about the breakup, Harris, Hefner’s future and their undying support for the world’s most famous bachelor.

    Video Preview Link: Watch "Hef's Runaway Bride" Teaser Online |

    I will be watching this for the laughs,lol Hefner's life is such a joke. Also from the commentary alone here in this article, this show will be about as fake as every woman Hef seems to use to perpetuate a brand he barely has ownership of any more.

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    1. When was this news? I never heard a word about him getting married.

    2. Please, like any of them care. It's doubtful old Hef can even tell these Barbies apart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bellatheball View Post
    1. When was this news? I never heard a word about him getting married.

    2. Please, like any of them care. It's doubtful old Hef can even tell these Barbies apart.
    He was engaged, and the chick bolted a couple days before the wedding. This happened just a couple of weeks ago.

    i saw the previews for this last night. I'm going to watch it LOL
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    Well now isn't that convenient that they were filming when she decided not to go through with the wedding. If I were the cynical sort, I might think that this whole thing was a publicity stunt.
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