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Thread: Things you didn't know about Don Draper (Mad Men)

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    Talking Things you didn't know about Don Draper (Mad Men)

    I know we have tons of Mad Men threads but this was a fine little bit that I didn't want overlooked.
    Things you didnít know about Don Draper

    by Brendan McGinley on April 26th, 2010 Posted In: Blog

    --God was originally going to spend 14 billion years making the universe what it is today, but Don Draper talked him down to 6 days so they could play golf and drink.
    --When Don Draper steps outside in a rain coat, the sun has the good sense to hide.
    --Don Draper is obligated to notify the authorities of any state he visits so the National Guard has time to distribute asbestos panties.
    --Don Draper sips black coffee and by the time it hits the back of his tongue, it has cream and sugar.
    --The rising cancer rates of the '70s were actually due to trendsetter Don Draper getting diagnosed with the disease.
    --The only reason no woman has raped Don Draper yet is he never says no.
    --For most of the '60s the surgeon general's warning read: "Cigarettes may be hazardous to your health, but they will also make you more like Don Draper."
    --Don Draper stole a man's identity because his own wasn't swinging enough. Prior to that, he was Bruce Wayne.
    --At the height of his success, Hugh Hefner would close his eyes and pretend at least one person in the bed was Don Draper.
    --The smoke from the grassy knoll was actually Don Draper having a cigarette. Kennedy gazed upon Draper for the first time and got so jealous he self-destructed.
    --When James Bond grows up, he wants to be Don Draper.
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    Long live Don Draper!

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