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Thread: 15 potentially successful movies in 2008

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    Quote Originally Posted by cool girl View Post
    Yes there was. It was directed by Ang Lee and starred Eric Bana. Unfortunately it didn't do so well. This new one stars Ed Norton...i think he is writing it or something...

    You know you're scraping the bottom of the barrel and running out of creative juices when you do a f**king remake of a movie that came out an ancient four years ago.

    An oh, I saw a trailer for that 10,000 BC movie and the CGI looks like pure crap. Maybe it's just me but so many movies now seem to be filled with crappy CGI done by some elementary school kids (i.e. I am legend). And the plot looks SO f**king stupid and lame.

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    ^cgi changes so much that some things look outdated way more quickly than you'd think

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