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Thread: Comedian Mike DeStefano of Last Comic Standing Dies

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    Default Comedian Mike DeStefano of Last Comic Standing Dies

    Mike DeStefano Dies

    By Dahvi Shira
    Monday March 07, 2011 03:50 PM EST

    Comedian Mike DeStefano died of a massive heart attack Sunday night.

    The Last Comic Standing finalist's producer, who goes by @CringeHumor, Tweeted "devastated" after a friend of DeStefano's family confirmed the death to Punchline Magazine. "We'll be talking about it later," the Tweet continued. "Sorry if we've ignored the emails and text messages. Mike became a brother to us. We love him."

    DeStefano, who was set to perform his one-man show A Cherry Tree in the Bronx on Wednesday, had just finished a string of sold-out shows called Drugs, Disease and Death: A Comedy. His life experiences heroin addiction and the loss of his wife were said to be the influence behind the acts. He had been clean for 11 years at the time of his death and was HIV positive.

    Mike DeStefano Dies - Untimely Deaths, Last Comic Standing :

    so sad! i thought he was really funny.

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    I haven't heard of him but what a rough life. RIP
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    and people like Lindsay and Charlie are still alive. where's the justice?
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    I have watched Last Comic Standing and some of the people are hilarious. I think I may have seen him on the show and he was pretty funny...very sad. RIP.

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