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Thread: I got rid of TV so I won't be able to see 24 hour rotisserie chicken channel

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    Default I got rid of TV so I won't be able to see 24 hour rotisserie chicken channel

    Buying shows on itunes makes me aware of how little there is out there that I actually want to watch.

    Swiss Chalet launches 24-hour chicken channel
    The Canadian Press
    Posted: Feb 23, 2011

    For those of you tired of TV shows interrupting your commercials, Swiss Chalet has the answer: a 24-hour chicken channel.

    Starting Monday, the Canadian family restaurant fires up a constant televised loop of 12 roasters turning on a spit to promote the chain. The 13-week broadcast will be available to Rogers digital customers in Ontario on channel 208 and is part of a broad marketing campaign.

    A Rogers spokeswoman says the channel is akin to its fireplace, sunset and aquarium channels.

    Those channels feature hypnotic images of a crackling fire, a beach at dusk and fish swimming in an aquarium.

    The Rotisserie Channel will feature two rows of chickens roasting in an open-flame oven
    Swiss Chalet launches 24-hour chicken channel - CBC News

    Society is DOOMED!!!
    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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    Default Poultry in motion, new channel shows nothing but roasting chicken

    Digital Journal Reports

    yesterday by ■ David Silverberg - 1 comment

    Poultry in motion: New channel shows nothing but roasting chicken Special

    By David Silverberg.

    Rogers Communications in Canada announced it will launch a digital cable channel featuring only a chicken rotating on a spit, 24 hours a day seven days a week. It will be active from Feb. 28 to May 22.
    You've heard of channels featuring fireplaces or aquariums, but what about a chicken cooking over a fire? The Rotisserie Channel will soon be found on channel 208 on Rogers digital cable in Canada, as part of an integrated marketing campaign with Swiss Chalet. So the channel will just feature a chicken, nothing else? In an interview with Kathy Murphy, senior director of public relations for Rogers Communications, the unique channel may also include voiceovers and banner ads promoting chicken products. "This is the first time we've done anything like this," she says. "This is definitely an egg we wanted to crack." Swiss Chalet will also feature promo codes for discounts that will run along the bottom of the screen, Marketing Magazine reports. "The codes will direct viewers to Swiss Chalet’s Facebook page (which currently has more than 70,000 fans), where they can enter the promo code to receive a printable coupon." Murphy says Rogers will keep track of customer feedback, via its social media channels and elsewhere. She believes the Rotisserie Channel will appeal to viewers who want something different from their TV channels. "Personally, I like things that make me smile, and watching this channel would definitely make me smile," she admits. Murphy says Rogers is experimenting with the non-stop chicken footage, and they don't have any plans yet for similar campaigns in the future.

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    I would watch this while eating dinner...God help me!

    This sounds pathetic but I honestly can't remember the last day that I didn't eat chicken atleast once. I type this as I'm eating stir fried breast!

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    Id use it for ambience, especially if it had the sound of the fire crackling and juices spilling from the chicken.

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    Kind of like a poultry version of The Yule Log.

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    Those 'Eat more Chiken' cows are probably masterminding this whole thing!

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    Mmmm.... Swiss Chalet....

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    I'd watch it if I had some crazy PETA people at my house...
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    LOL. I like fish swimming in an aquarium best!

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