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Thread: Iconic paparrazzo Ron Galella - Documentary "Smash His Camera"

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    Default Iconic paparrazzo Ron Galella - Documentary "Smash His Camera"

    I watched this last night. It was so fascinating and right up our paparazzi alley. No doubt about it, he was an original. It was on HBO a few months ago.

    He became obsessed with Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Liz Smith said that he loved Jackie and he thought of her as his girlfriend when he didn't have a girlfriend. They went to court.

    He'd hide behind bushes and even cut holes in hedges for his camera. He found out what restaurant Dick Cavett and Marlon Brando were going to be at in Chinatown, photographed them and then Brando knocked out five of Ron's teeth. There was a lawsuit. Nobody did those kinds of things back in the early '70's.

    He'd draw maps, stake out venues and get tip offs, all without cell phones and digital cameras. As Galella got much older Bobby Kennedy or Michael Jackson softened up and would joke with him as he took their picture. He was at Studio 54 all the time.

    Let the movies load a bit first. Close any pop ups.

    Watch Smash His Camera online - Watch Movies Online, Full Movies (to find one that works)


    Smash His Camera

    Galella is staked out in a rat infested warehouse on the docks in Mexico across from where the Kalizma Taylor/Burton boat was docked. Liz is hanging gauze around the boat for privacy.

    Redford thanking him for his book. He followed Redford
    for 40 years.

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    I watched this, I liked it. HBO makes great docs, I watched the Fran Lebowitz one this week. It was great.
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    I saw Fran three weeks ago in the Columbus Circle subway after not seeing her for like 15 years. Her face is all mushed together in person. Same blazer, white shirt and jeans. Just saw her on Charlie Rose and she looked great with makeup and lighting!

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    what an awesome figure jackie kennedy had.
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    you already know.


    ^ yeah thats what i was thinking too for all the times she was pregnant....

    not a bad job to have following Redford around

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