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Thread: Leo DiCaprio to Play Serial Killer Dr. H H Holmes

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    Default Leo DiCaprio to Play Serial Killer Dr. H H Holmes

    Mon, 01 November 2010

    Leo DiCaprio to Play Serial Killer Dr. HH Holmes

    Leonardo DiCaprio is going over to the dark side!
    The 35-year-old actor is set to play Dr. HH Holmes, a cunning serial killer believed to have murdered anywhere from 27 to 200 people in Chicago during the 1890s, Deadline reports.
    Holmes constructed The World’s Fair Hotel, a “murder castle” where he killed his victims and stripped their skeletons to sell for medical and scientific study.
    Leo isn’t the only actor who’ll soon be playing a murderer. True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten has reportedly signed up to star as notorious killer Charles Manson in The Family.

    Read more: Just Jared

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    The book Devil in the White City intertwined HH Holmes with the World's fair, and it's an incredible novel.

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