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Thread: Gaspar No's Enter the Void

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    Default Gaspar No's Enter the Void

    From the director that brought you the nasty "Irreversible"


    Enter the Void (2009) - Synopsis

    After living in Japan for some time and finding employment as a drug dealer, a brother sends for his sister to move Japan and live with him. With a story out of sequence, this film shows the brother and sister in their intimate moments. The experience is jarring at times and blissful at others. The setting is the Japanese redlight district of the very near future. The sister gets involved with sex and drugs and the brother lives dangerously. With their parents gone from a horrible car crash (seen more than once), all these two really have is each other in an exploitive world. The brother and sister associate with many deceptive people and the reveal of the deceiver's true nature and actual motives is constantly surprising. It is the view from the otherworldly that makes this a thrilling story. From their childhood to recent events, this film builds with the significant facts. Within the tenets of a foreshadowed guide to the experiences after death, these young adult sibilings keep their pact not to leave the other.

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    Another one who just won't say he wants to make porn and prefers hiding behind a pseudo intellectual shit.

    Sorry, I just don't get Gaspar Noe
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    Saw this at the film festival and the best way to describe it is just 'unwatchable'. Elements of it and some parts are great, but it is so long and the story becomes neverending and pointless. It's amazing in ways and I really enjoyed the start and some part like 2 hours in, but like 60%+ I just found too flawed to overlook. For the last hour I just wanted it to end and kept thinking it would, but then as things would wrap up they would drag it on again for no real purpose except to get some more tits and sex and drugs and special effects in there. So yeah. Partly fantastic, mostly unwatchable. Sit through it if you dare!

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