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Thread: Sharktopus Trailer!

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    Default Sharktopus Trailer!

    Sharktopus Trailer Released And It Is Awesome (VIDEO)

    Roger Corman and the SyFy Channel's latest creation: a Navy-engineered killing machine--with a perverse predilection for blonde women in bikinis

    At long last, what we've all been waiting for: a thriller about a Navy-engineered half-shark-half-octopus killing machine! Yeah, we know it sounds suspiciously like that old Dr Octagon song from the 1990s, but it's not. Instead, it's an absurd, low-budget made-for-TV movie from B-movie king Roger Corman that's coming out on NBC's SyFy Channel sometime this year.

    The Sharktopus is the "Navy's next super-weapon"--until it gets out of control. And when it inevitably does, it turns into a killing machine with a perverse predilection for beautiful blonde women in bikinis. The ruthless Sharktopus drags them off beaches, bungee cords, and boats, and is NOT DETERRED BY MACHINE GUN FIRE!

    Despite the movie's comically-careless cinematography and special effects, and the painfully-cheesy alt-rock Sharktopus theme song, we predict that the Internet will love this movie with all its Internet heart. (It's already Shark Week at, and a scream-rock band from Montana on MySpace named Sharktopus is asking to be included in the film's soundtrack.)

    Watch the trailer, below. It will easily be the strangest thing about Navy-engineered Sharktopuses that you see this afternoon. We promise.


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    Only you I know your love for sharks drew you in but Eric Roberts? Oh my gosh. Yep I can see computer nerds loving this CGI fest and actually the shark was better than Steven Spelbergs shark in jaws.

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    Omg. I can't wait to see this. Yes, I have a strange fascination with cheesy horror movies, especially Syfy originals.

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    Hopefully we will be seeing this in my bad movie community soon. It looks like a real gem!
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