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Thread: Michelle Yeoh set to star in 4th Indiana Jones

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    Default Michelle Yeoh set to star in 4th Indiana Jones

    Former BOND girl MICHELLE YEOH is set to become another hero's sidekick - she's in negotiations to star in the fourth INDIANA JONES film.

    Yeoh has reportedly been in talks with STEVEN SPIELBERG about teaming up with the director/producer in the new Indy film, according to website The Indy Experience.

    Yeoh appeared alongside PIERCE BROSNAN in TOMORROW NEVER DIES.

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    Good choice. She can kick *ss and is a bit older so Harrison won't look so ancient next to her.

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    She is older, but she doesn't look older. (Asian women and all that...)

    ....what am I doing? This movie's gonna BLOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!

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    I love Michelle Yeoh.. she's stately and classy, every inch a lovely woman who just happens to be able to hand you your ass on a platter.
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