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Thread: Eastwood makes two films on the same subject

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    Default Eastwood makes two films on the same subject

    Movie veteran Clint Eastwood has started work on two films about the battle of Iwo Jima - one focusing on the American viewpoint and the other based on the Japanese perspective.

    FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS will tell the story from a US angle, while the tentatively titled LAMPS BEFORE THE WIND will offer the Japanese side.
    Screenwritier PAUL HAGGIS, who worked on Eastwood's acclaimed movie MILLION DOLLAR BABY, wrote Flags Of Our Fathers and was approached by the actor-turned-director to work on Lamps Before The Wind, but had to decline as he was overbooked.,

    The job eventually went to Japanese-American screenwriter IRIS YAMASHITA, whose movie will go into production in February (06).
    Eastwood plans to release both films simultaneously next autumn (06).

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    you already know.


    oh great can anyone spell boxoffice B O M B (no pun intended)

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    I hope Flags doesn't bomb. Prince Phillip was an extra!

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