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Thread: Steve Carell Confirms 'Office' Exit After Seventh Season

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    Default Steve Carell Confirms 'Office' Exit After Seventh Season

    Mon, 28 June 2010

    Steve Carell Confirms 'Office' Exit After Seventh Season

    Steve Carell has confirmed that hell will be leaving The Office after next year.
    The 47-year-old actor caught up with EW at the premiere of his new animated film, Despicable Me, over the weekend and said hes ready to wrap things up in Scranton. I want to fulfill my contract, he shared. I think its a good time to move on.
    Steve added, I just want to spend more time with my family.
    The Office will begin its seventh season this fall.

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    they should end the series too if he leaves. it's a great show. it's had a great run. but once cast members start leaving and they start changing things too much, it's time to move on. before the show jumps the shark.
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    once steve leaves, it's over. i agree - end it.

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    They should end the show when Steve leaves, but they'll probably try to go on without him, which won't work and the show will get cancelled anyway.

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    I think the show should have ended when Pam and Jim got married. After that I think those two's attitudes were tiring and having the baby was shark jumping.

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    i must be one of the very few that has never seen The Office.
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    I have tried and tried to get what is funny about it. It does nothing but irritate me with it's absurdness. Help me understand, why are they talking and interacting with the camera?

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    I have watched the show several times, and there are a few funny parts. But it feels like I am sitting there waiting through the 30 minutes to get one or two laughs. I usually end up getting bored while waiting and I turn the channel. I also don't get all the Steve Carell love, either. To me he has only been semi funny in movies he has done. *shrug*

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    ^ I noticed that about some episodes. Some are definately funnier than others. I loved season 6 the best so far. The mafia episode and the "murder" episode had me cracking up!
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    They need to get a clue from the British version and end on a high note. Perfect show in 2 seasons, no need to drag it out any longer.

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