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Thread: 'You're Cut Off!' on VH1

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    Default 'You're Cut Off!' on VH1

    Yea, I am actually watching this show right now. Never heard of it previously, but holy shit...see below for the general concept. It's fucking insane.

    The country is gripped by massive unemployment. An epidemic of foreclosures. Investments down the tubes. Our ears are still ringing from the eruption of the housing and credit bubbles. For many Americans, it's bad out there.

    But for these nine spoiled rotten princesses, life has never been anything but a non-stop party, filled with power shopping, mani-pedis and bottle service. All thanks to their rich mommies, daddies and other benefactors who've indulged their every whim.

    Well no more.

    Their benefactors have decided that in these tough times, enough is enough. They think it's high time their princesses learn how to become productive members of society--not a endless drain on their finances. They've reached out to VH1 for help.

    So when the ladies move into a house for what they think is a reality show called "The Good Life," they're actually about to be subjected to their worst nightmare: getting cut off. Completely cut off. As in stripped of all their cash and conveniences, and forced to learn how to live life the way normal people do.

    How will these princesses react when their worlds are turned upside down, when the luxuries they've had their whole lives are ripped away? Will they be able to deal with the harsh realities of life as an average person, like driving, cleaning and (it hurts to even say it) working? Will they turn over a new leaf and gain their independence? Or will they wilt outside the comfy cocoon that's protected them since childhood?

    Joining them in the house will be Laura Baron, a life strategist who will help counsel the women on the road to self-improvement as well as frequent celebrity guests that will help guide them. This transformation isn't just about getting a job or cleaning a toilet. It's about changing the deep-seated psychological patterns--narcissism, dependency, lack of confidence-- that have stunted these women's growth.

    You're Cut Off will be run somewhat like a real rehab--the ladies will have to earn privileges to graduate the Princess Program. But will the princess prove to their benefactors that they are worthy of coming home?

    It's a show about growing up, taking responsibility, and understanding that there is more to life than material wealth. Who will take the message to heart and launch a new life? It's time to find out on You're Cut Off.

    You're Cut Off! | Show Cast, Episodes, Guides, Trailers, Web Exclusives, Previews |

    If you would like to feel better about yourself because you can actually open a box-o-wine the correct way, do check this out.

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    I watched it. Gah but those girls are so skanky! I would never, in a million years, guess any of them came from money. So trashy and tacky. The one with the bleached hair? Honey if you have cash, you don't have fried hair like that unless you are Britney Spears.

    The one who has a kid, I can't recall her name, totally mental. Why did she even bother having a child? That poor, poor child. I hope the husband realizes what a nutter she is and divorces her, getting full custody.

    It's a bizarre show. I watch reality TV when I can't sleep, which is almost every night, so it's good for that.

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    Yea seriously. Even when they showed some of their houses I was like WTF??? Hell, my house is even nicer than some of their houses.....

    And yea that chick, I think her name was Gia that has the kid----should be slapped silly.

    I won't watch this religiously because its frankly stupid (though most TV is) but will catch it during reruns too.....

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    I couldnt watch this because its not available for Canadians The producers should have thought of this yrs ago. I would have loved to see The Hiltons in something like this.
    My goal is to be happy with my life.

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    That dumbshit from Houston Erica Rose is on this crap.

    Come on, let's have lots of drinks.

    Fuck you all, I'm going viral.

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