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Thread: Lock-up MSNBC

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    Default Lock-up MSNBC

    Anyone else watch this? I have watched it before, but I was up all night not feeling so well, so I watched a marathon of it.

    Very weird and unusual stuff at times.

    They just had on a guy who, when only 16 years old, waited for his parents to come home, shot his mother with a shotgun when she walked in the door, and then chased his stepfather around the house shooting at him until he killed him. No remorse whatsoever, and in fact, he could give no real reason for doing it. They did not abuse him or anything. He just 'had to do it, to escape' but could not even say what he was escaping from?

    They interviewed him and he just had no emotion at all..and then he gets a cat in prison and loves it like a child?

    I just cannot get someone like that. Really scary stuff..and there are people like that out there among us.
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    I wanted to smack the cat guy, what a little shithead. Yep, I watch the hell out of lockup.
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    I watch it when I used to get the channel. Pretty scary stuff.


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