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Thread: Bill Murray says 'Ghost Busters 3' is just a 'horrible rumor'

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    Default Bill Murray says 'Ghost Busters 3' is just a 'horrible rumor'

    Bill Murray seemingly has no intention of starring in 'Ghost Busters 3'

    It's no secret "Ghost Busters" stars Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis have wanted to make a third installment of their 80s blockbuster for years, but it has always been co-star Bill Murray who's said "no." There were recent rumblings that Murray, who has spent most of the past decade in the independent film world, would finally consent to "Ghost Busters 3." That appears not to be the case.

    Speaking to Moviefone while promoting his new dramedy "Get Low," Murray dismissed such reports saying, ""No, it's ridiculous. That's an absolutely -- that's just a horrible rumor. It's like illegitimate children in Antarctica, it's ridiculous.... Mind you, we only made two, and the first one was still the better one, so another one wouldn't seem to be any better. The studio wants to make it because they can re-create the franchise and put new Ghostbusters in it. That's what it's about."

    Could Murray be negotiating with Sony Pictures in public for a bigger paycheck or is he really dead set against it? Stay tuned...

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    Oh my god, my heart is broken. I love Ghostbusters! The world needs more Ghostbusters movies! This was NOT a horrible rumor. Bill Murray doesn't know what he's talking about.
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    I would rather see a new Ghostbusters than a new Karate Kid, or fucking Independence Day sequel.
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    A karate kid sequel where the kid isn't taught Karate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nancydrew View Post
    I would rather see a new Ghostbusters than a new Karate Kid, or fucking Independence Day sequel.
    So would I. Ghostbusters is a good example of the type of film that should be remade. Good idea in concept but the execution was horribly cheesy. They could take this concept and keep it fun but also make it a lot more creepy and scary. With the huge interest in 'ghost hunters' and paranormal investigators it could make a ton of money and it doesn't have to suck.

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    Rat bastard. I demand Slimer!

    I would just dread any new young HW up-and-comer they'd try to stick in the movie to draw in the youngins'. Ruins a movie every time.
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    Too bad Ghostbusters 2 wasn't just a horrible rumor. Ghostbusters was a classic, though.

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