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Thread: First "Thor" Photo Revealed

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    Default First "Thor" Photo Revealed

    30 April 2010

    Thor - Revealed!

    First picture of Marvel's Norse God

    He may or may not make his first appearance - sort of - in Iron Man 2, but now Yahoo! Movies have the first official image of Chris Hemsworth as Marvel's Norse God, Thor.
    With his enchanted hammer, Mjolnir, elsewhere for the time being, the moody shot focuses more on Thor’s costume which, as any comic book fan would know, had the potential to look truly silly. Not this, though: while we’d hesitate to use the term, ‘bad-ass’, it’s a lot cooler than we could have imagined, while remaining true to Jack Kirby’s iconic visuals.

    The discs, the red cape, the blond face fuzz and long hair are all here, but with a bit of a futuristic twist – the scale mail that covers Thor’s bulging biceps, for instance – that is utterly bad-ass. Dammit, we said it. But that’s just our opinion – in yours, does Hemsworth look the part?
    Kenneth Branagh’s Thor – which marks the big-screen debut of the God of Thunder – is set for release on May 5, 2011.

    Thor - Revealed!

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    He looks the part, and the outfit doesn't look too cheesy. But I didn't realize Kenneth Branagh was directing. That could be...interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingcap72 View Post
    He looks the part, and the outfit doesn't look too cheesy. But I didn't realize Kenneth Branagh was directing. That could be...interesting.

    he'll be "firing paper bullets from the brain" (Much Ado About Nothing)

    OK I admit I liked Thor and Kenneth Branagh is really a good director so it might end up being good.

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    Chris is hot. But he doesn't look it here so much.

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