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    Default Gangland (History Channel)

    Anyone else watch the documentary series on History Channel, Gangland? Each episode focuses on a different gang, its history, 'traditions,' etc., across the U.S. I thought it would be yet another tired stitched together fluff piece about gangs, but overall, the shows I've seen have been done pretty well. It holds your interest, especially the gang members who are profiled on the show (many of whom dropped out or no longer associate with the gang and therefore are speaking publicly about the gang).

    I'm watching this one now (many episodes are on Youtube):


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    Yeah, I've seen some of them and I find it a really depressing show.

    Plus it's got that Jack Webb 'Drag Net' thing going on with the narrator. Just cleaning the streets of filth, ma'am.

    No, I don't like it.

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    I watch Gangland sometimes out of curiosity because it is a reality. However, it can get too depressing and gruesome but its no worse than the First 48 which I also watch just to see them catch those bastards.

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    I LOVE this show! I watch them any time I can catch them on the weekend.
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