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    Default Project Jay

    Anyone else watch this? It was on right after the "new" episode of Project Runway. I put new in quotes because I really dont consider a clip show new, but whatever.

    I have to admit I really didnt like Jay during Project Runway, but I was surprised that I actually liked him in this show. He had his funny moments, and I wasnt so disgusted with him as I was on PR1.

    I thought the whole thing that Heidi did to him with the dress situation was pretty fucked up though...and the comment when he said she'd be at his runway show? The long pause and the "I'll try"? Seriously, what a fucking bitch man. And I actually thought the dress that he designed was a whole lot better looking than that flowery mu-mu she ended up wearing.

    Anyway, did anyone else watch? Thoughts?

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    Default Re: Project Jay

    I love Jay after seeing this show. I had no idea he was so funny. I felt sorry for him for what Heidi pulled on him. He and that guy Tommy were working their asses off to get that dress done. Poor guys.

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    Default Re: Project Jay

    I fell asleep before the end of this last night - not from boredom, just from my own lameness. So, she didn't wear his dress? That stinks. I thought it was beautiful.

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    Default Re: Project Jay

    Jay did come off as very likable. And Heidi came off very unlikable. I'm surprised she allowed Bravo to depict her so badly. And the long pause and then saying, "I'll try" was an additionaly slap in the face she gave Jay after already screwing him over. I always liked her before but not so much anymore!

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    yeah she's a dumb bitch; thats for sure!

    team Jay

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