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    you already know.

    Exclamation Syriana

    “Syriana” director Stephen Gaghan is frustrated that some U.S. critics and viewers have found the film — which stars George Clooney — confusing. “You spend 15 hours a day, seven days a week, for four years, and all that people can think to say about your work is ‘Don’t you think it’s too confusing?’ No, I don’t.” Gaghan told, then took a veiled swipe at “Traffic” — which the film has been compared to unfavorably. “I’m sorry Michael Douglas doesn’t save his daughter, that there isn’t a sentimental heartbeat at the core of this, but that’s not what the world dictates right now.”

    -well I loved the film and Im trying to trick my repug ignorant parents into seeing it and its funny how our current shit (Bush allowing arabs to control some major ports) mirrors some of the films key events.

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    SO violent. Put me off 'Gorgeous George' too.

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