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Thread: Break out the booze Novice! David Hasselhoff is getting his own reality show!

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    Default Break out the booze Novice! David Hasselhoff is getting his own reality show!

    According to TMZ, The Hoff is just about ready to begin filming a reality show that will star not only The Hoff but also his long suffering daughters. The show which will be on A&E probably won't be as good as it could be. I'm pretty sure David will have some editing rights and therefore we will probably never get to see him drinking or doing anything destructive.

    I think this show is more for his daughters who would love a little fame more than it is for The Hoff who is already famous enough and has made enough money to last a few lifetimes. I will probably give it a look, but I think it will be more of a Kardashian type show with The Hoff playing the role of the rarely seen Bruce Jenner. If it actually does show The Hoff's reality it will be interesting and will get viewers to watch. If it is a forum for his two daughters to try and sell fashion or open a store or advance their careers it will grow really tiring really quickly.

    Crazy Days and Nights

    David Hasselhoff's life sounds like a bad reality show ... now we find out it may indeed become one.

    We're told The Hoff has a deal in place with A&E that is close ... but not quite done. A rep for A&E tells us, "We are discussing a possibility of doing a documentary series with David and his kids."

    David's daughter Hayley tweeted last week, "The Hasselhoffs signed the deal with A&E ..... Get readdyy for it."

    A Hasselhoff rep says the deal isn't signed yet.

    Pamela Bach is the Jon Gosselin of this show -- she won't be appearing.

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    I'm going to need booze to watch this.
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    Lynnie awesome thread title!
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    Yeah, the Hoff and Lorenzo Lamas' flying circus that's supposed to be a family, too.
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    Arts and Entertainment used to be a classy network back in the day...

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    I am totally watching this!

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    Novice and I are going to watch this together.
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