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Thread: "Triage" photos & trailer

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    Default "Triage" photos & trailer

    Check out a few pictures from TRIAGE starring Colin Farrell, Paz Vega, Christopher Lee, Kelly Reilly, Jamie Sives and directed by Danis Tanovic (No Man's Land).
    Triage is part of the Special Presentations lineup at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival. And as I mentioned previously, I always enjoyed Colin Farrell, and even more after seeing In Bruges. Plus these pictures look like this might be another good performance from him. And I also enjoy Paz Vega a lot. So if you're in Toronto for the festival, you might want to give Triage a look.
    Triage Synopsis: Mark (Colin Farrell), a war photographer, returns home from Kurdistan without his friend and colleague David (Jamie Sives). As time goes on, it becomes clear that Mark holds the key to the truth of David's disappearance.

    Check out more pictures from Triage below:

    TRIAGE Movie Pictures with Colin Farrell | Daemon's Movies

    Triage trailer:
    YouTube - TRIAGE Trailer - Colin Farrell, Paz Vega, Christopher Lee, Branko Djuric, Jamie Sives

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