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Thread: 'Sopranos' the movie might be coming to a theatre near you

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    Default 'Sopranos' the movie might be coming to a theatre near you

    'Sopranos" producer David Chase remains coy about the possibility of a big-screen followup to the hit HBO show,but loose-lipped cast members are suggesting a script is already on the page.

    It's been speculated that a major holdup to the big-screen version is a strong reluctance on the part of James Gandolfini to sign on to the project.

    But, according to a chatty Lorraine Bracco, that rumor is way off the mark.

    "I don't think it's that at all," says Bracco about Gandolfini's supposed cold feet. "I think it's really trying to get the right script. Without the right script, it's really not worth doing."

    Bracco isn't shy about making her concerns heard. "We've all talked to David to give him a kick in the booty to get it right," she says pointedly.

    While HBO mouthpieces yesterday shot down any talk about the existence of a script, claiming it is "just rumor," Steve Van Zandt recently added to the buzz.

    The "Sopranos" alum and Bruce Springsteen bandmate let slip to a Belfast newspaper that his character, Sil - who was struggling for his life in the show's abrupt ending - "is still alive."

    Go figure.

    And Bracco doesn't sound like she's planning to stop at just one movie.

    "I want us to be like 'Sex and the City' or 'The Bourne Identity,'" she gushed. "I want to make a million of them."

    Read more: 'Sopranos' cast members say big-screen version has a shot

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    ugh. how can they do a remake if most of tony's boys are dead?

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    A Sopranos movie was pretty much a given after that half-ass finale. Whether it would be any good is another story.

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    Ummm...after that godawful finale I wouldn't take money to see this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by czb View Post
    ugh. how can they do a remake if most of tony's boys are dead?
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    If this happens, David Chase is a cop-out, sell-out hack. I defended his ending to the death because he said at the time the ending (paraphrasing) 'was no Rorschach test, open to interpretation. It's all there in the episode'. In other words, it wasn't supposed to be as ambiguous as it seems on the surface, there was a definitive denoument ie Tony was whacked. (I have a theory on that but I've already debated it to death, so I'll refrain )

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