The Buzz Log - From Status Update to Movie? - Yahoo! Buzz

Hollywood isn't shy about recycling ideas. Over the years the dream weavers from Tinsel Town have adapted books, plays, TV shows, comic books, action figures, newspaper columns, cartoons, and video games into films. But Hollywood's newest idea, and where it comes from, really takes the cake.

Publishers Weekly reports that we may soon see the first film to have been inspired by a Facebook status update. Granted, this particular update by Lisa Hamilton Day is a little more interesting than your run-of-the-mill "John Smith is trimming his nose hairs" or "Mary Jones is eating a burrito." Hamilton's update reads: "Lisa Hamilton Day's Pomeranian raided Chinese takeout bag overnight, opened and ate a fortune cookie. Her fortune: You have strong spiritual powers, and you should develop them." You can kind of see where this is going, right?

Show business wheeler dealers certainly can. Currently, Hamilton Day's status update is being shopped around for a book and movie deal by Fletcher and Company, a New York lit agency. The premise, according to Publishers Weekly, would revolve around the dog using "her newfound superpowers to save her owner's home after said owner loses her job and is forced to contemplate moving in with her folks." It's a bit of a stretch from the original post, but hey, never let the truth get in the way of a good talking-dog movie, right?

Snarky blog Defamer points out that while you may scoff at such an idea, keep in mind that "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" grossed a boatload of money. And compared to that Disney flick, this idea looks like "The Godfather." Another blog, The Frisky, writes that the agent who thinks the status update could be a movie is actually a good friend of Ms. Day. (Pays to have powerful friends.)

Though the story is just making its way into the blogosphere, we are starting to see a few searches on "facebook movie." Those are certain to heat up if a deal actually gets done (not a sure thing). We'll be particularly interested to see if the news that a good status update may lead to a movie deal will inspire others to stop blathering about their nose hairs and burritos. We can only hope.