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Thread: Camila Alves to replace Jaclyn Smith on 'Shear Genius"

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    Default Camila Alves to replace Jaclyn Smith on 'Shear Genius"

    Apr 14 '09Camila Alves replaces Jaclyn Smith on ‘Shear Genius’

    Matthew McConaughey’s baby mama seems like a nice enough girl, but what exactly are her qualifications for anything other than “model”? Bravo seems to think Camila Alves has something, though. They’ve just hired Camila to be the new host of Shear Genius, the reality show/contest to pick the next great hair stylist. Shear Genius is preparing for its third season, and they’ve just kicked out Jaclyn Smith. Camila’s pretty, but she’s no Jaclyn Smith. My mom’s going to be so upset Jaclyn got the ax.

    Get your scissors sharpened and brush up on your layering techniques, Shear Genius fans, Season 3 is on its way with new host Camila Alves.

    The Bravo show, which pits wannabe hair stylists against each other in the salon for a $100,000 prize, was hosted by Jaclyn Smith in the past.

    Camila will take on her new hosting duties in the upcoming season, and will be assisted by judges Kim Vo and reality show veteran Jonathan Antin. Jonathan starred on his own show, Blow Out, which revolved around daily life in his salons in L.A. He’s also the brother of Pussycat Dolls’ founder Robin Antin.

    Maybe Levi’s daddy Matthew McConaughey will stop by with that mane of golden curls for a touch-up! Tune in this season to find out!
    [From OK! Magazine]

    That would be funny if Matthew McConaughey guest starred on Shear Genius. He probably wouldn’t let the contestants get anywhere near his hair though - if he comes on, it will be a guest judge, that’s my guess.

    So, back to the original question: What are Camila’s qualifications? Or does her resume just read “Matthew McConaughey’s baby mama”? Jaclyn Smith was and is a goddess - more than a pretty face, she’s a smart businesswoman who knows a lot about Hollywood, fashion and styling. I’ll miss her.

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    ^^Exactly. Bravo made a huge mistake here. Who even knew of Camila Alves until 9 months ago?

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    Maybe they will work on her mop.

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    It's not fair that Jaclyn Smith was fired. Alves didn't do anything to deserve the position that Smith had.
    Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege.

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    WTF? Why does Bravo like to employ celebrity significant others as program hosts? Katie Lee Joel anyone.

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    Oh, I'm bummed. I LOVED Jaclyn on the show. Her hair is iconic, she was an excellent host and judge.

    Add another to the famous by association list: who ever heard of Padma Lakshmi as anything other than Mrs. Salman Rushdie before she hosted Top Chef.

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    WTF? I don't even watch this show, or any reality show for that matter, but this seems like a bonehead move.

    Shoot, Bravo has gone to the dogs. It used to be an awesome place for Arts and Entertainment style cultural programming, with a lot of Independent films and docs. It's nothing but a reality show dumping ground nowadays.

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    i agree with sasha about bravo

    i will not be watching this time

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