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Thread: Super Bowl Ad

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    Default Super Bowl Ad

    Sent by a friend;

    Hey there -
    Here's what may be another pre-Super Bowl ad (this one for Honda),*but . . . well, oh, my, what a cool choir!

    2 minutes in length - requires Macro Flash player. - and*it's definitely worth the ride. Ladies & Gents, start your engines!

    I won't be watching the Super Bowl but I WILL be watching the ads

    My degree is in Advertising Design but I went more the direction of graphics and painting on canvas.

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    Default Re: Super Bowl Ad

    Cool!!! Thanks Luna

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    Default Re: Super Bowl Ad

    MMMMM that was interesting

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    Default Re: Super Bowl Ad

    Wow, that's an awesome ad! They are talking about making it for the US for the Super Bowl? I noticed that's a British ad (based on the at the end)

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