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Thread: NFL 2016-2017 Season

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    Brady deserves credit for making his receivers better. But he wasn't playing defense last night. Nor was he doing it in the first 4 super bowls they won. The pats d was more responsibe for them beating the Rams, Panthers, and Eagles than he was. But he gets all the credit. Shit, he might as well get credit for the two game winning field goals from Adam Venetari.
    He should take credit before Trump does.
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    There's no doubt Brady is a talented QB. But he's also a vain little bitch who cheats.
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    Loved the game. I'm a New Englander and yes, I like the patriots. Not a die hard fan, I would have loved to see the Cowboys in it!!

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    He's a cheater in the game and in life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joebob View Post
    There is a reason why the number 1 ranked offense could not score again after going up 28-3. It was because of the Cheatiots having the number 1 ranked defense.
    my vote is PEDs or something during half-time. cheaters gonna cheat!
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    Chiefs are releasing Jamaal Charles today. This makes me sad.
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    Makes me sad too.
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    I've been holding back tears all morning.
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