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Thread: Michael Phelps, half-man/half fish wins 8th gold and beats Mark Spitz for record

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimmlok View Post
    uh oh, someone call spitz the WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMBULANCE
    no kidding. i'm kinda curious to see what he has to say.
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    Mark Spitz was so gracious when they interviewed him with Michael. He gave Michael all the credit and handled it with total class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cherrybaby View Post
    Plus, Phelps closest win was especially impressive - the silver medalist tried to ride a single stroke to the wall. Phelps decided to take another stroke to give himself a push, pulled his arms back and got the extra momentum to touch first. It wasn't pure muscle - he swam smart too.
    Phelps admitted that his extra stoke was lucky and that's the only reason he won the gold. however, he also said it was a stupid stoke and as a swimmer you are trained not to take 1/2 strokes like that. The goal is to time your race properly and be able to have one final stroke and dive for the wall - basically what the silver medalist did. The guy who won silver was unlucky because he was a little long on that last stroke and had to glide for too long.

    Not trying to discount Micheal's accomplishment. I think he's an amazing swimmer and I have utmost respect for him in that regard. He got super lucky in 2 races (400 free relay and 100 fly). I didn't watch all his interviews, but I do hope he gave ample credit to his relay team mates, esp. Jason Lezak who came through on 2 relay races.

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