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Thread: Former NBA player Rodney Rogers paralyzed

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    Default Former NBA player Rodney Rogers paralyzed

    FOX Sports on MSN - NBA - Report: Former NBA player paralyzed after accident

    Former Wake Forest star and 12-year NBA veteran Rodney Rogers has been paralyzed from the shoulders down, according to his former coach.

    Dave Odom, who coached Rogers in college, broke the news to the News & Observer in Raleigh, N.C.

    Rogers was injured when he fell off the ATV he was riding in rural N.C. last week.

    He was transferred Wednesday from Duke Hospital to Atlanta's Shepherd Center, which specializes in recovery from catastrophic injury.

    Rogers was drafted ninth overall by the Nuggets in 1993, after a standout college career with the Demon Deacons.

    He played for seven NBA teams before retiring in 2005.

    He went to work in retirement as heavy equipment operator for the city of Durham's Public Works Department.

    His agent says Rogers was set for life financially, he just couldn't bear the thought of not working.

    His boss says he wasn't even aware of Rogers' previous career.

    "I didn't even know he had lots of money. He is very friendly, very concerned, very conscientious. We chose him because of his ethics and his attitude. He was highly motivated. He was promoted to supervisor six months ago," Michael Balzarano told the News & Observer.

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    Wow that must be so devastating to him. He was a big and strong guy, even amongst basketball players. Plus it was nice he was doing work because he wanted to, not because he had to, and I believe it because he could easily have used his background to get a nice cushy coaching position and the like.

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    so, government support for stem cell research, right?
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    Wow, those ATV's are dangerous. The sax player from Dave Matthews Band just died from complications following an ATV accident.
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    Sad. ATV's are not worth this.
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    i remember this player. How sad.
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    you already know.


    one of my worst fears - being paralyzed to that extent

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