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Thread: Sex and the Olympic City

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    Default Sex and the Olympic City

    From The Times

    August 22, 2008

    Sex and the Olympic city

    Tomorrow night thousands of young men and women with the most fit, toned bodies in the world will mingle for the last time before they fly home. What might they get up to?
    Matthew Syed

    I am often asked if the Olympic village - the vast restaurant and housing conglomeration that hosts the world's top athletes for the duration of the Games - is the sex-fest it is cracked up to be. My answer is always the same: too right it is. I played my first Games in Barcelona in 1992 and got laid more often in those two and a half weeks than in the rest of my life up to that point. That is to say twice, which may not sound a lot, but for a 21-year-old undergraduate with crooked teeth, it was a minor miracle.
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    well thanks, just one more thing to be jealous about.. so much for coaches supervising things geez.

    I know I should have tried harder at sports.. it was just that icky sweating that got to me...ewwww

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