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    Default London Olympics 2012

    Has anyone ever volunteered for the Olympics? I have decided that i want to volunteer for the 2012 London Olympics. I have always wanted to visit England, and i figure this would be a great opportunity. Has anyone ever does this? Where do volunteers stay? i just signed up online to Volunteer, but i'm sure i'll have tons of questions.
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    I almost volunteered for the 2002 Winter Olympics in SLC. I know people who did really enjoyed it. There was a wide variety of volunteer positions available. You had to attend a couple of preparation sessions a few months beforehand. I'd highly recommend it.

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    I volunteered for the 2004 Olympics in Athens. I think that foreign volunteers had to secure their own accomodations but it may differ from country to country. It was overall a great experience and most people I know had a terrific time.

    I'm considering London as we speak now . I'm sure I'll find someone to put me up.

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    That sounds like fun msdeb! If I had the resources I definitely would.
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    I don't have any useful advice, but that's a nice idea, Msdebagain. Good luck with it, I hope your application is successful! I reckon it would be a fun experience.

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    Our volunteers were local and we all stayed in our own homes, Atlanta had more help than they needed. Most of my friends opened up their own homes to people out of state, like Athletes families.

    Working the Olympics is really a lot of fun, meeting the people from all over the world and they are so eager to meet you too. It was fun to have someone say to me can you say "ya'll" I felt like a hick celeb. Our Olympics were crap but now I'm sort of missing them.

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