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Thread: Men's Gymnastics *SPOILERS*

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    Default Men's Gymnastics *SPOILERS*

    I was really proud and impressed with the U.S. men for earning their bronze medal! I was floored with some of the high bar routines, especially Justin Spring, and I was yelling my head off when he was flipping himself off that thing. I was hoping they'd somehow miraculously walk away with the gold, but the bronze is amazing considering they weren't even expected to medal at all!
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    I've never seen a score of 12.7 before, but holy hell that last routine by Artemev made up for it. Those legs were flying every which way! But I'm glad the Chinese got to win in their own country; I didn't get to see their routines, but I heard they were amazing.

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    I thought they were all terrific! I was so proud of the US! I know Japan won silver,but really. I have to agree with the announcers-what were they thinking taking videos of each other in the middle of the greatest contest they will ever face? They might have won gold. I was pleased for the Chinese,though.
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    The scoring in the men's all around are pissing me off. Some of these men are making grace errors, but are getting rather HIGH scores...
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